Being an entertainer as a clown, or performing singing telegrams, you get use to be the one who surprises people. It is my job and it’s the best part of the job. To see the birthday child’s face light up when KC the Clown walks into the room, ready to make their day special. To put a smile on all the children’s faces and to have a great time leaving them with a lasting memory. Or doing a singing telegram, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, farewell or whatever the occasion. The reason I’m there is to surprise THEM.

But when the unexpected happens and the tables are turned and they end up surprising me. Well that’s just not suppose to happen! For instance…me going to surprise a seventy year old female on her birthday. I arrived and heard music in the back of the house. With the Jester costume on and a bouquet of balloons in my hand, I headed to where the music was coming from. Turning the corner I saw a younger gentleman and an elderly woman playing the bongo drums and they were good! I waited at the corner where no one could see me until they were done playing their song. I then approach and proceeded to do a personalized singing telegram for the elderly woman who was the person playing the bongos drums, also the one having the birthday.

After I was done with my performance, I remarked how the both of them played really well and how I was impressed by their skills. They weren’t just banging on the drums, they were in sync and playing together.
She then introduced me to the younger gentleman, also playing the bongos, as her instructor. In our conversation, she mentioned all the different things she was into and having a blast at the age of seventy. And then they offered to play a song for me…and they did…SURPRISE!!

Here I am, going to perform a birthday singing telegram for a 70 year old lady, and then, she turns the tables and does a performance for ME! That was the only time I experienced anything like that…so unusual and so unexpected. Leaving there I remember thinking…That when I start reaching her age I want to be just like her. Full of energy, seeking adventure and not stopping to live life to the fullest just because of getting older. I was so glad I got to meet this incredible person.