It’s been a rough 2020 year for our business but fortunately we are still hanging in there! We have done more lawn announcements because of Covid…not having to come in direct contact with a person, just their yard. And amazingly we have done singing telegrams outside, either on the person’s porch or in their back yard where they we’re having an outside party. We even did a birthday singing telegram at a nursing home through their room window which was slightly cracked open. And after we did the birthday singing telegram for that person, Jeannie Jester went to about fifteen other windows that were also slightly cracked open and sang to each person individually. What song did Jeannie sing you ask…well it was “Put on a Happy Face”, just to cheer the elderly people up! Later that day we received a nice email from them saying that everyone had a great time and indeed it put a smile on their faces. Sometimes a bad situation can turn into a good thing.