When Tunes N Balloons opened in 1996, Yes, I said we have been around for nearly 22 years! The reason it got started was because there wasn’t a lot of choices for adult entertainment, at least not entertainment you could perform in the workplace, if you know what I mean.

We wanted something that was family oriented, the song could be personalized if so desired and a lot of fun for everyone present, especially the person that we were entertaining for. We soon realized that our original occasion list selection in the beginning like, birthdays, anniversaries, get wells, farewells, Valentine’s, retirement, and promotions turned out to be just a smaller list of occasions. People started to request other, more unique occasions to be celebrated. So our creativity had to be broadened, more than we ever imagined. Over the years we created personalized songs, not only for every holiday, but for things like…getting Tenure, baby showers, “Will you marry me?”, Happy Lay Off, Bosses day, We’re getting married today, Employees happy customer appreciation day, I screwed up in our relationship, do you still love me (we used this one more than you think!). Also occasions like, Congrats on your store Grand Opening, I Love you, and You passed your drivers test (but we didn’t know if they did pass until we got there so we had to have two songs ready, but… Yea, they passed!)

The list of occasions have been endless. A person will call us up and ask, ” I don’t know if you could do a song about __________?” And our answer will always be, “Sure we can, give us some information and we’ll make it happen. I think one of the most amazing things that we have done since day one, and still carry it out to this day, is all of our songs and programs are completely memorized, we don’t use cheat sheets. All of this is why…