When building our first website back in the 1990’s we wanted a slogan that fit the kind of business we had. Since our business started in 1996 with just offering singing telegrams, hence the name of the company Tunes N Balloons, but feeling the business just wasn’t complete. We wanted to offer more fun to choose from and the following year KC the Clown joined the singing telegrams and shortly after that we added the Lawn announcements. The one thing that we wanted to keep consistent was, no matter what our customers chose from the selection of service that it had to put a smile on their face. But what slogan would capture all of this?
Sometimes when we did a singing telegram for a person, an onlooker in the crowd would come up to the entertainer and ask if we were hiring. It seems that the enthusiasm of our performer and the sheer enjoyment of our audience was contagious as they usually remarked, “I want to do that, it looks like a lot of fun!”
After a Lawn announcement was ready to be taken down at the end of the day we weren’t surprised when the recipient of the display would come out of their house and exclaim, “You’re not going to take MY cows are you?”

I guess they got attached to the little guys being on their lawn all day and these people got a lot of attention from drivers going by and beeping their horns in approval of the big display. It truly was a fun day for them.
And an amazing thing happened to KC the Clown after she was done an outside booking and had to scurry on to another booking, giving herself just enough travel time so she wouldn’t be late. Walking very fast to her car but out of the corner of her eye she saw someone trying to catch up with her. As the woman approached and cut in front of KC and stopped her in her tracks. She said to KC in a very stern voice, “I think it’s terrible that you had more fun than the kids did!!!” Well…there are not too many times that KC didn’t have a snappy comeback to any remark made to her. After a couple of seconds the only thing that came to mind was, “If I don’t have fun and enjoy myself the children won’t have any fun at all!” And that just left a blank look on the women’s face.
With our business there is always one thing that is repeated over and over again, and that is, everything we do has to be fun. So the slogan started in the 90’s and is still here in 2019, that Tunes N Balloons Entertainment is….The fun place for you!