Are you looking for something special and different to make your next party unique? Singing telegrams can do the trick for you!

Be it parties, celebrations or happy occasions of any kind, a singing telegram can make any event memorable. It is a unique way of saying Thank You, I Love You or Get Well Soon to your loved ones when you want to surprise them.

What are singing telegrams, you ask?

Well. It’s definitely not a piece of paper which sings. A singing telegram is a person who wears a variety of different costumes and sings the message that you want to convey to someone.

What kind of events can this service be booked for?

You can hire a singing telegram for any event that you can come up with. Some of the general occasions for which singing telegrams have been created earlier are:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Proposals
  • Christmas
  • Retirement
  • …And a lot more events.

How to book a singing telegram?

There are multiple packages available for singing telegrams in Harrisburg, PA. You first need to select a package then choose the costume for the person conveying the message and also a set of 4 balloons. The performer then sings a song fit for the occasion and delivers the personalized message followed by a fun dance with the receiver of the telegram.

Why choose this service?

  • We are very creative in penning personalized messages which are completely focused on the quirks and traits of the receiver of the gift.
  • The short jingle, fun dance and personalized message combined with packages are super entertaining.
  • The singing telegram is a sure shot way of bringing a smile to someone’s face and making him or her feel special.
  • It is also a good way to express your feelings indirectly if you are too shy to do so yourself.

Create a customized package according to your preferences and elevate the celebratory mood of any party with singing telegrams in Harrisburg, PA.

Tunes N Balloons is the best place to book singing telegrams for your next special occasion. Call us today!