As a company of entertainment doing Singing telegrams, Clowns and Lawn announcements, I ask myself, “What is going on with the traditions of entertainment?”

When I first started out in 1996 the need for such services was in demand. Business was booming. Some Saturdays I even had to turn down gigs, even though I tried to move my bookings around to accommodate the last minute people. I always wanted to make everyone happy (I guess that’s why I became a clown!) But in the last eight to ten years I have seen a decline. So what are families doing for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and all other occasions?

Well this is just my observation, you may or may not agree with me. One thing that I have been hearing over the years is that parents would rather take a handful of kids to a bowling alley, or a skating ring or anywhere that they can go and celebrate their child’s birthday for a couple of hours and say, “Well, we celebrated their birthday, but did you really?

It use to be… lets decorate the house, bake our own cake, bring in a clown, invite family and friends over, make a day of really celebrating our “once a year special day” for our child. We made their birthday a day that they would always remember. And there are families that still do this to which I say, Bravo!” But for many, it has dwindled down to a couple of hours at a pizza joint…how special.

Well I guess if the child has gotten the same kind of celebration year after year then they probably would think that a couple of hours at the pizza place or bowling alley is special. But then they have nothing to compare it to and maybe that’s okay. I’m just saying…”I think it’s a shame that for anyone, young or old, who’s having a one day a year birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or whatever the occasion, we should do it up big. Besides, you can do the the same old every day kind of thing the other 364 days. Where is the creativity, being different and making that person feel like a million bucks.

But like I said, you may or may not agree with me…it’s just my opinion.