Holly the Elf has many talents for the holidays! She will first ask you what you are looking for to make your event special. Are you looking to surprise an individual with a singing telegram because, unfortunately, you can’t make it to their Christmas get together this year but you want to let them know you’re still thinking about them? Or, as a boss, you would like to send Holly to your office to spread some Christmas cheer with songs and balloons and let your employees know that you appreciated their hard work this past year!

For those children’s Christmas parties, small or large, you will have a selection of different ideas to choose from. For smaller numbers, usually thirty or less, Holly could play different games with the children and hand out her fun-filled intricate balloon art. Who doesn’t want to see her turn a balloon into a parrot in a swing or a beautiful swan or hummingbird? Even the adults will be intrigued and want to see what sculpture she will do next! And the children will love to pick out a Christmas tattoo of Santa’s, snowmen, elves, etc. But the festivities would not be complete without singing a Christmas Carol or two!!

It’s okay to have larger numbers than thirty children for a party. Holly the Elf has a beautifully painted poster board with over twenty different balloon sculptures that she can make. All the kiddos have to do is just walk up to the board, choose the balloon that will put a smile on their face and then walk away happy.

And if Santa just can’t be there at the party, Holly can hand out the presents to the children too. You can always mix and match the different choices for your special event. Sooo…remember, if you have an idea or you like some of Holly’s ideas, that the main ingredient is for everyone to just have FUN!